By Car

Directions from your agent

Option One
Take the N1 to Pietersburg. Just before Pietersburg take the R71 towards Tzaneen. Carry on until just past Haenertsburg, then turn right. Keeping on the R71 all the way until Tzaneen. Keep straight on the R71 past Tzaneen straight past Gravelotte - this is the R526 to Mica. From Gravelotte, measure 18 kilometers. On the right side of the road close to the dirt road entrance you will see “Zander Osmers Safaris”; 500 m after this you will see “Garonga Safari Camp” sign on the right hand side on the dirt road. Turn right and follow the arrows marked on a Black Sign with a bronze arrow. You will see the first one after about 3 Kms.

Option Two
From Johannesburg take the N4 past Witbank, turn off the N4 to Belfast . From Belfast go through Dullstroom towards Lydenburg. Through Lydenburg and through Orighstad. After going through the JG Strijdom Tunnel measure 10 km then turn left on the R36 towards Tzaneen. Travel 10 km on the R36 then turn right at the Phalaborwa sign - travel for about 25 km. Turn left at the "T" junction. Go past Mica village, just the other side of Mica, turn left towards Tzaneen. Measure 15 km from the turn off, Then you will see a Garonga Safari Camp sign on the left hand side of the road. There is also a “Warning Sign” (red and White Triangle) warning people of Animals crossing the road, right opposite the dirt road entrance. Turn left onto the dirt road Follow signs to the lodge.

Dirt Road Directions

On coming off the main Public Road please phone +27 (0) 82 440 3522 for the pass number to open the remote Control gate later on. You are more than welcome to phone earlier if you wish.

  1. Follow the main dirt road down for 3 (Three) kms and then you come to the railway line.
  2. Follow the Black Direction arrow board to Garonga by turning right keeping the railway line on your left. Follow this for 2 (Two) kms.
  3. You then turn left over the railway crossing and go straight ahead through a "Boom Fence" (this is a fence on either side of the track). Follow this for 3 (Three) kms.
  4. You then come to the Garonga remote Control fence (please note timings of operation below in Point 9). You will have been given the Pass number by the Camp once you phoned them when you turned off the main Public Road on to the Dirt Road. Press in the number and the gate should open. Please do ensure the gate closes behind you before proceeding.
  5. Once through the gate ensure the gate closes, and then turn left down the dirt road keeping the fence on your left. Follow this for 3 (Three) kms.
  6. You then come to a Small Guard House and a gate barrier. The Guard will then check you in.
  7. Continue to follow the black metal signs to the main Camp - 6 (six) Kms
  8. The trip should take you about 40 Minutes from the Tar (Public) Road to the Camp.
  9. Remote Control Gate Timings of operation:
    • Winter (01 May – 31 August) closing time = 17h30
    • Summer (01 September – 30 April) closing time = 18h00

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